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“Rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation.
Healing is an act of communion.” 
- bell hooks

With kinship as the heart of this programme, this is a gathering for dreamers and makers to come together and learn from each other. This is a space to tend our garden of hope for futures of coexistence, freedom and justice for all.


As the wider world is continually filled with violence and oppression which gradually infiltrates our daily lives, it is important to secure brave and safe spaces for fellow practitioners who are working at the intersection of arts, communities and social impacts to come together, learn from each other, grow collectively and dream.


Through this peer-to-peer exchange, we are gathering a group of 15 individuals who are passionate in driving social change through cultural work. As a cohort, we share wisdom, knowledge and experience as a hive with dignity and respect for each other and build a stronger sense of community with love and kinship as key elements, without compromising anyone’s trust, safety and comfort. We see this work to be continued and amplified in the future as a peer network. 

We are overjoyed to now announce the cohort line-up and launch a fundraiser:


  • Elina Akhmetova - independent movement artist, film and theatre maker, translator and producer

  • Yuna Chang (she/her) - researcher & writer exploring and archiving decolonial solidarity movements, politics, and culture. Her practice is of and for the Global Majority.

  • Jack Michael Carr (They/Them) - augmented storyteller, professional amateur, mistake maker, deeply human with inner rhinoceros. 

  • Clara Dublanc (she/her) - Cultural producer working at the intersection of visual arts and social sciences.

  • Meg Fozzard (she/her) - a platform agnostic disabled producer and sometimes a journalist

  • yasamin ghalehnoie (they/them) - restless daydreamer of otherly timelines and mysterious friendships

  • Saskia Horton (they/them) - Multidisciplinary artist and Creative Director of arts access initiative SENSORIA

  • Ellie Karslake (she/her) - Laughter Yogi, improvisation and Forum theatre practitioner, Activist singer and Rebel Clown.

  • Aneliya Kavrakova (she/her) - architectural assistant and maker

  • Shiza Naveed (she/her) - multidisciplinary artist and researcher, co-founder of Azl Collective

  • Kate Newman (she/her) - actor, writer, burlesque performer, creative producer, creator and host of Like a Virgin Cabaret.

  • Alisa Oleva (she/her) - walking artist 

  • Valentina Rosati (she/her) - theatre-maker, a visionary and applied theatre practitioner based in London. Freelance theatre director, educator, and facilitator in critical contexts such as prisons and communities.

  • Gloria Yehilevsky (she/her) - composer, percussionist, producer, researcher

  • Shanti (She/Her/They/Them) - Explorer of the creative mind, culture & shakti channeling


Alongside Hidden Keileon’s core team of six:


  • Bonnie Chan (She/Her) - theatremaker, Cantonese enthusiast, babywearing mum

  • John Chan (He/Him) - multidisciplinary storyteller, creative strategist, amateur urban gardener  

  • Ghost Chan (He/Him) - digital wizard, moustached dancer-performer, plant daddy

  • Jeffrey Choy (He/Him) - visual artist, designer, avid reader

  • angela wai nok hui (she/her) - percussionist, sound designer. Love messing up sounds

  • Sandra Lam (She/Her) - curator, writer, researcher, Hakka migrant 

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”
- June Jordan
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Now, we need your support to make this work happen! 

We are running a fundraiser to cover the basic cost as well as the access cost.

Please find the details here about the fundraiser and support us:

Situated during Hidden Keileon’s residency at Arcola Theatre through their Pomegranate Project, we are gathering for 9 half-days across three weeks on the afternoons of the following dates:


13, 15, 18, 20, 25-29 March 2024.

Depending on the experience and interest of the cohort, we are having sessions investigating, sharing and working on topics surrounding but not limited to the following themes:

Non-extractive multicultural learning

Safe and brave spaces for all

Imagining regenerative and restorative futures

Ecology and us in capitalist societies

Nature, migration and the queer practices

Trauma-informed art practices

Diversity, diaspora, neuro-safety and borders

Community-centred art-making practices 

Rest as resistance - the long game

Liberating healthcare systems

AI, technology and democratic organising

Navigating through systems of funding and organising

Being artists, activists and being okay


If I find the open call form to be inaccessible, how else can I apply to this programme?

Alternatively, you can apply to this call answering the same set of questions in the form of a video shorter than 6 minutes. Please submit your video to before 31 Jan 2024.If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

How did Hidden Keileon get the space?

We applied to Arcola Theatre’s open call for their Pomegranate programme and were awarded the space for a 3-week residency.  

What is Hidden Keileon’s intention in running this programme?

We are interested in carving out a special space and time for people who are also working at the intersection of arts, communities and social impacts to come together.


We wish to dedicate this programme to connecting with other dreamers, growing stronger and gently tending our gardens of hope together. We are constantly distracted by deadlines of funding applications, solving logistical challenges, and battling bureaucratic processes. Together, we build new relationships, share wisdom, experience and knowledge, rest so we can grow and celebrate the time of being together.

Who is this programme for?

We invite anyone who is working at the intersection of arts, communities and social impact to join us. They could be an operation manager of a community centre, an artist working closely with communities, a writer who critically dissects cultural change, a cultural strategist who runs programmes, a government worker who collaborates with cultural workers, an activist who uses art to activate communities, an NHS worker improving their patients’ environment through art, a film director who documents the making of a community garden, and more. 

What will I get from this programme?

Kinship, love, experience, knowledge, space, time, rest.

Am I expected to lead a session?

You are welcome to, but it is not obliged. As a peer-to-peer exchange programme, we expect everyone to come in with open hearts and minds to share their knowledge and experience in a respectful and caring manner. The sessions will be shaped by the answers we received through the open call form and will be facilitated either by the core team members of Hidden Keileon or in collaboration with the cohort members.

How many people are in the cohort?

15 plus 6 Hidden Keileon core members.

Why only 15?

It is the cohort size that we feel confident in facilitating, considering the very limited resources we have and the size of the studio we are residing in Arcola Theatre.

How are the members of the cohort decided?

The core team of Hidden Keileon will look at every submission of the open call with love, care and respect. We aim to bring in a cohort of people who are aligned with Hidden Keileon’s values in building imagination infrastructures for futures with freedom and justice for all. We are looking at individuals who are yearning to be in kinships that are not transactional, willing to share their wisdom, experience and knowledge, and eager to learn from each other in a non-extractive manner.

How I am expected to show up when I am selected?

Hugely inspired by CIVIC SQUARE and Centric Lab’s Ecological Health In Neighbourhoods Peer to Peer Learning Journey, we see this programme to be an enriching, nourishing and safe experience for everyone in the cohort. We expect everyone to show up as their full and honest selves with great generosity to cultivate an environment for collaborative learning.

We see everyone show up as themselves, their community, and their ecology. We invite everyone to move beyond their professional and academic identity into kinship and community. Showing respect and care for each other as we are genuinely conversing and exchanging on difficult topics, everyone in the cohort shows up without compromising each other’s trust, safety and comfort.

In the form, why do I need to fill in whether I am a migrant or queer person?

As parts of these communities ourselves, Hidden Keileon works closely with migrant and queer people and we would like the cohort to reflect this. This should not stop you from applying if you do not identify as such. However, please keep in mind that we would like to make sure a certain number of places are taken by people from contextually marginalised communities.

What about the ones who submitted the open call but didn’t get in?

We would love to stay in touch with everyone who filled out the form. The team is considering a wider gathering in future. We are also looking at inviting some of the applicants to share mini-lectures with the cohort on specific topics.

If I can only attend half of these sessions, should I still apply?

No. We expect cohort members to only be absent for two sessions maximum. This is to mutually respect everyone’s effort in carving this very special space and time to be with each other.

Is this an art education / mentorship / corporate training / career development programme?

No. This programme is beyond that as we are looking at co-creating a special opportunity to build meaningful allyship with you to dream up futures.

Is this a funded project?


Will the participants be financially remunerated?

No. However, you are encouraged to apply for funding to support your attendance at this programme.

Are the core team members of Hidden Keileon paid to run this programme?

No. We have applied for the National Lottery Awards for All England to support the team running this programme alongside carrying out other R&D projects during the residency but were unsuccessful.

I am a funder/patron who is interested in financially supporting this programme, who should I contact?

We would appreciate any level of financial contribution to make this programme more successful. Please contact us at

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