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An all-rounded crew of six creating spaces to dream and experiment.

We are currently a voluntarily-run group,

and we are actively working towards changing it.

angela wai nok hui

Lead Music and Relationship

angela wai nok hui is a percussionist, sound designer and multidisciplinary artist. Fascinated with sounds that are not meant to be, devoted to expanding the boundaries of music performances; she has a passion for experimenting with different art forms through the recreation and reimagining of noise and sonic art. She is dedicated to new music and has collaborated with many composers, artists and ensembles including the Royal Opera House, London Symphony Orchestra, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Explore Ensemble, Riot Ensemble, and more.

angela is leading the development of a sonic curation for the brand, working on the music and sound aspects of all projects, working with engineers and songwriters to meet needs, seeking new collaborators in music entertainment, and identifying key trends and movements in the scene. Music unites people. Music is calluses from pain. It is a powerful tool for building a sense of community. There is a story behind every note.  She is also the lead in building strong relationships with partners and building a positive reputation through every interaction possible to raise our intangible value.

Bonnie Chan

Lead Research and Community

Bonnie Chan is a theatremaker, dramaturg, applied theatre practitioner and researcher. She is the co-founder and co-artistic director of Little Bean Theatre. Her works focus on bilingualism and socially engaged devising theatre, which have been presented at international art festivals and conferences. She previously worked in the Literary Department of the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Performing Arts Department in West Kowloon Cultural District (HK). She was the guest curator of the International Community Arts Festival in Rotterdam in 2017. She was the West Kowloon (Performing Arts) Young Fellow in 2019. Bonnie is also a certified babywearing consultant.

Bonnie is leading the research aspect of all projects to support the development, keeping the company in perspective and promoting our uniqueness. With a keen eye for detail, she brings in new sources of inspiration, ensuring that our work remains relevant to the world and current political landscapes. She draws resources from various pockets to connect with the wider community as well as monitor our credibility as a social enterprise.

Ghost Chan

Lead Creative and Technology

Ghost Chan is a multimedia performance artist, creative technologist and all-rounded digital wizard. From an experimental contemporary performance and software development background, he has developed a holistic career crossing the boundaries between technology, arts, and social justice. As a creative technologist, Ghost experiments with the use of interactive technology and immersive visuals to generate unique spectating experiences. His works were shown internationally, including Tate Modern, Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz, Pleasance London, CCA Goldsmiths, Streatham Space Project, Omnibus Theatre and a lot more.

Ghost is leading the development of creative ideas, and all technology items and overlooking the finance of the company. He is responsible for seeking digital solutions to problems, handling technological projects, and the maintenance of the website and social media. He also works with external accountants and producers to coordinate financial documents.

Jeffrey Choy

Lead Visuals, Bibliognost and AI

Designer, artist, and writer born and raised in Hong Kong, Jeffrey Choy explores cultural and political biases, questions around enabling and/or censoring narrative in media, propaganda and populist conciseness in relation to colonisation and class disparity. Previously working in design communication and spatial design for a decade in the commercial sector, Jeffrey's artistic journey began after witnessing Hong Kong's political upheaval from afar. His mediums span from print, physical, and digital, encompassing crowdfunded publications, set design, installations, and immersive interactive new media works.

Jeffrey is leading the formation of all visuals and is responsible for keeping a pulse of the current trend, researching the market needs, identifying key marketing elements and building the visual identity of our projects with other designers. He is also exploring the potential, ethical implications and implementation of artificial intelligence in creative works, particularly regarding neural networks and diffusion models, with emphasis on upholding human creativities and expressions.

John Chan

Lead Strategy and Creative

John Chan is a multidisciplinary storyteller, creative strategist and social entrepreneur working at the intersection of arts, cultural change and social justice, from a marine biology research background. He focuses on creating dignified spaces for everyone's presence and amplifying historically marginalised voices. John’s artworks focus on the intricacies of the body and nature, social movement and the folklore accompanying history. He has been involved in multiple social imagination projects and building infrastructures for resilient futures through exploring embodied ecology, stewardship and abolitionist organising. He was a 2023 Greater London Authority’s Civic Futures Fellow. He is also an actor represented by Hancock Agency.

John is leading the development, pushing and testing of new strategies to run the company, identifying gaps in the industry, funding and commercial opportunities and building creative frameworks to fulfil the needs. He is also a creative lead who directs projects to satisfy creative curiosity, social goals and community engagement, with a focus on collaborators' and spectators’ experiences.

Sandra Lam

Lead Curating and Fundraising

Sandra Lam is an independent curator and writer. Her curatorial research examines the politics of aesthetics and investigates how curating can contribute to an understanding of contemporary discourses, focusing on activism, migration and the environment. She is interested in socially engaged practice that addresses questions of identity and belonging. Her practice aims to bring a voice to the unheard narratives of the marginalised communities. She has held positions across a range of arts organisations including museums, contemporary art galleries and auction houses, as well as in editorial and public relations contexts. These include Bloomsbury Festival, Mimosa House, Goldsmiths CCA, Royal Museums Greenwich, Lehmann Maupin, Lyon & Turnbull, Sotheby’s and more. She has organised exhibitions, workshops, performances, talks, film screenings, roundtable discussions, and contributed writings to Mingpao Newspaper, the Culturist HK and .ART.

Sandra is leading the curatorial direction of all projects, managing partnerships, media relationship and audience development. She projects our narratives and statements, connects with artists and collaborators, and works with fund writers and producers. Sandra is the keyholder who ensures all projects of Hidden Keileon are of the highest quality and meet the industry's expectations.

Board of Advisers

  • Alia Alzougbi

  • Joyce Lee

  • Kim Pearce

  • Rose Tsui

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