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Hidden Keileon Thousand Paper
Marie McCarthy
Artistic Director of Omnibus Theatre

A rich, gritty and poetic piece which both moved and entertained me throughout ... unique and intelligent approach to creating distinctive storytelling and engaging theatre.

South China Morning Post

Among a number of Hong Kong-born artists who have found success in the British arts scene in the recent years.

Dr. Guy Cools 
Renowned Dramaturg

Creations are formally and content wise, cutting edge, examine amongst others other changing relationship with communication technology and also addressing some of the current political issues.

Boomkat Limited
A specialist, independent online record store

One of the uncanniest debuts we’ve heard in years. Blessed with an extraordinary, curious sound sensitivity...

Hidden Keileon is a multidisciplinary art collective creating the yet-to-exist and hard-to-imagine.

Our Partners and Supporters

Connecting people and
promoting multi-disciplinary projects

Hidden Keileon uses art as a means to raise awareness of personal and community wellbeing . We hope to spread this spirit to our community and influence other people using a collective approach to connect with each other.

Tell us about your lived experience for our upcoming cultural programme 'Out of Breath'

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