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An artist collective collaborating with migrant and queer people to imagine futures with justice and freedom for all, by dreaming up and leading multidisciplinary, life-affirming cultural projects.

Our Response to Ashtar Theatre’s
'The Gaza Mono-Logues’ Global Artistic Solidarity Call
2021-04-28 18.34.28.jpg

A rich, gritty and poetic piece which both moved and entertained me throughout ... unique and intelligent approach to creating distinctive storytelling and engaging theatre.

Marie McCarthy
Artistic Director of Omnibus Theatre

Among a number of Hong Kong-born artists who have found success in the British arts scene in the recent years.

South China Morning Post

Refreshing and welcome cauldron of ill-disguised sarcasm, genuine artistry, and thinly veiled jabs directed at the higher powers responsible... Demonstrating that this style of provocative themes and immersive techniques can make an impact

Reviewed by Everything Theatre

One of the uncanniest debuts we’ve heard in years. Blessed with an extraordinary, curious sound sensitivity...

Boomkat Limited
A specialist, independent online record store

Partners and Supporters

At Hidden Keileon CIC, we bring you the yet-to-exist and hard-to-imagine.

No one has ever seen Keileon as turmoils constantly appear in corners of our world. Until the day the voiceless are heard, the suppressed are freed, and justice prevails, Hidden Keileon perseveres in presenting works liberating minds, bodies and spirits.

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