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Out of Breath:

Call for Stories

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'Out of Breath is a research-led creative project dealing with the traumatic legacy of using tear gas during social movements around the world. In response to how air is used as a form of political control, 'Out of Breath creates a sensory experience journey with the audience through a series of public programmes including art therapy workshops, interactive installation, theatrical experience and publications. This project will be launched in November 2022 in partnership with Bloomsbury Festival and Wellcome Collection.


We are now collecting stories about people’s experience of tear gas in whatever circumstances and its impact on their mental and physical health. These stories will contribute to our creation of the project with artistic transformation. This project gives a voice to and calls for inter-racial solidarity among communities which are either ignored, silenced, or neglected due to the political control of ‘air’.


Any information provided will be confidential, none of the raw materials or any personal details of interviewees will be shared with any parties outside of the six-people research team of Hidden Keileon without further written agreement with the respective individuals. All contributions will be entirely anonymous unless specifically requested by the interviewee. Any works derived from this research will be solely used for this programme titled 'Out of Breath by Hidden Keileon.

* You are welcome to fill in the form in any other languages if English is not your primary language. If so, please specify which language you are using in any of the following boxes.

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